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  • Issue 13: The Boss Issue

    It’s easier than you think to be (or grow) a great boss. Learn how to be a Superboss, how Alan Mulally revived Ford, the 6 secrets to build great talent and much, much more in our Boss double-issue

  • Issue 12: The Female Talent Issue

    There’s plenty of talk but little visible progress when it comes to female talent in the corporate world. We offer direct and challenging insights as to why that’s the case and what to do about it.

  • Issue 11: The Culture Issue

    Our Culture Issue tells you how to better manage your company's culture through insightful articles by Ed Schein, Jon Katzenbach, Dave Ulrich and other top thinkers in the field.

  • Issue 10: The Performance Issue

    Our Performance Issue uncovers the secrets of great performance, including managing your political capital, differentiating stars (or doing the exact opposite), being agile and much more.

  • Issue 9: The Engagement Issue

    In just 15 years it’s moved from new concept to accepted wisdom, but engagement remains mired in questions ranging from whether it actually exists to whether it positively influences company outcomes. This issue includes nine great articles that provide light on the topic where there was once just heat.

  • Issue 8: The Dark Side Issue

    The “dark side” of personality can create brilliant success or tragic failure. Our world-class authors describes how to understand and manage this challenging but powerful force.

  • Issue 7: Managing Creative Talent

    They are the innovators, the artists and likely the secret force behind your company’s success. But how do you get the best from your company’s creative talent? TQ tells all!

  • Issue 6: Who Can Go Farther, Faster

    What’s Potential? That's the great unanswered question in managing talent and TQ gives you seven articles and two interviews that provide insight and guidance.

  • Issue 5: The Feedback Issue

    Our Feedback issue explores every angle of how to master this often-allusive topic. Amazingly insightful articles by famous academics, authors and consultants.

  • Issue 4: BRIC Talent

    Emerging markets talent is tough to find and even tougher to keep. Our authors share strategies and experience for mastering talent in these challenging countries.

  • Issue 3: Female Talent

    Female talent remains a hot topic as competing voices argue about what (and if any) problem we’re trying to solve. We give you five insightful points of view from top authors.

  • Issue 2: Lies, Half-Truth and Marketing

    Consulting firms claim their products are scientifically proven & guaranteed to be effective. Strengths, learning agility, emotional intelligence & more are tested by our authors and come up lacking.

  • Issue 1: Kick-Off Issue

    Our kick-off issue features advice for CEOs on setting their talent agenda, a new way to assess potential, calculating how long to lie to your employees and more.

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