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Marc Effron

Founder, Publisher, Editor

Marc is the President of the Talent Strategy Group, a global talent management consulting and executive search firm. He started Talent Quarterly in 2014 to elevate the quality of discussions about corporate talent issues after being frustrated by the lack of serious but digestible writing on the topic.


Bill Phillips

Managing Editor

Bill Phillips is the founder and president of Bill Phillips Editorial Consulting. Prior to starting his own company in 2016, he spent 13 years at Men’s Health, the world’s largest and most successful men’s magazine brand. In his role as Vice President & Editor-in-Chief, he oversaw every aspect of the brand, domestically and internationally. He's also held editorial leadership positions at Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. Phillips has won numerous print and digital awards, including the 2015 National Magazine Award for General Excellence, the industry’s highest honor. He's also the author of the bestselling book The Better Man Project. Follow him on Twitter @billphillipsMH.

Andrew Daniels

Andrew Daniels

Executive Editor

Andrew Daniels is the executive editor of Talent Quarterly. Prior to joining the TQ team, he served as senior online editor at Men's Health for many years. As a freelance journalist and content strategist, Daniels regularly contributes reported pieces to outlets like Playboy, Vice, Billboard, and more. He’s also the author of The Barstool Book Of Sports: Stats, Stories, and Other Stuff for Drunken Debate, hitting bookstores in September 2017.

Featured Articles
Issue 3

It is time for a fresh approach to gender issues. The 21st century world has changed, 60% of global graduates are women, 80% of consumer goods buying decisions (in an ever-expanding range of sectors) are made by women around the globe. Yet few companies see this as a key, global business opportunity.

Issue 5

Psychology is often accused of being little more than common sense. In a way, this is true: most of the psychological advice found in popular sources is intuitive and obvious. At the same time, however, that advice is often unsupported by any scientific evidence. This is particularly true for the self-help industry, which has hijacked psychology for mass consumption.

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