Your Diversity Problem Might Actually Be a Succession Planning Problem

Overhaul your age-old pipeline process and your leaders will start looking a lot more different. By: Laura Clydesdale, Jeff Rosenthal, Molly Rosen, and Andrea Robb It took a national reckoning and many years of minimal progress for boards and executive teams to finally take a hard look around the room, […]

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Are You Built for Change?

One thing is certain: 2022 will bring more uncertainty. How we do business—and manage talent—may never be the same. Here’s what change takes. By Adrian Furnham, Ph.D. Change hurts. And it only gets more painful with each passing year. That’s because your brain loses some of its ability to change […]


The Robots Are Coming (and That’s Okay)

How every smart organization should respond to looming automation. Step 1: Don’t panic. By Kevin Oakes If you haven’t yet made peace with the fact that a robot will be trying to take your job in the near or not-too-distant future, perhaps this statistic will wake you up: Research from […]


Play the Agile Talent Game … and Win

Think of your best freelancer: She’s hardworking, dependable, and respected—and bursting with potential you never thought to tap. Until now. By John Younger The workplace of tomorrow will likely be filled with empty cubicles. Not because of the pandemic or corporate downsizing, but because the agile talent revolution is real […]


Change Is Here. Now What?

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that change is inevitable and unpredictable. It’s what you choose to do with it that could shape the rest of your career. By Dave Ulrich Where would taxi drivers be without Uber? Hoteliers without Airbnb? Retailers without Amazon? Well, probably in a much […]

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3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Can Turn Around a Business

Your organization has seen better days, and if you want to return to profit and prosperity, you’ll need to implement a new strategic direction. Do you choose to accept? By Garrett Sheridan and Lei Tong Imagine this scenario: Your business was performing well over the past several years, but thanks […]

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You’re Not as Agile As You Think (and Neither Is Your Organization)

Driving change amidst disruption is great in theory. But true agility isn’t about creating chaos—it’s about keeping things simple and stable. By Elaine Pulakos, Ph.D. Organizational agility and resilience have never been more important than they are today.  With disruptions from a global pandemic and changing technologies posing significant (even […]

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Are Your Leaders Ready for the Next Normal?

If your organization’s system for developing leadership wasn’t dead already, 2020 put it out of its misery for good. With unknown crises lurking around the corner, prep your top talent by prioritizing versatility. By Rob Kaiser The black swan of COVID-19 came from out of nowhere to disrupt daily life and […]


Where Does Talent Play in the Transformation Game?

Massive organizational change requires agility, business acumen, and complex problem-solving. Now is not the time for your talent management team to be complacent. By Aaron Sorensen, Ph.D. The volatility of today’s business environment is unprecedented. Beyond COVID-19 and the resulting corporate headwinds, new technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and digitization […]

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Your Change Management Survival Guide

The COVID-19 crisis is yet another reminder that the future is uncertain, and no company is immune to major struggles. So why are so many organizations still ill-equipped to handle sudden change? By Peter Wright  There’s an old adage that applies to both the military and the emergency services: Plan […]