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6 Levers of Highly Successful Talent Managers

These leadership qualities are proven to lift people—and results. By Marc Effron and Jim Shanley Why do some companies seem to have all the talent? How do they build better talent faster than other organizations? Despite years of effort and billions of dollars invested, most companies today still struggle to […]


Demanding Leadership Has Its Downsides. It Also Just Saved the World

Pfizer’s remarkable, record-breaking development of a COVID-19 vaccine is the result of ingenuity, agility, and a relentless boss who wasn’t afraid to buck trends. By Rob Kaiser The year 2020, a time of devastating and unprecedented disruption, will close with another astounding game changer. But in a welcome surprise, this […]


Feedback Works. You Just Suck at Selling It

Constructive criticism can transform an employee’s trajectory—and your organization’s culture. But no one will buy it if you don’t market the message. By Angela Lane and Sergey Gorbatov Here’s a simple truth: Feedback drives improvement.  It can trigger a powerful, virtuous cycle of development: awareness, deliberate practice, positive reinforcement, course […]


Can’t We All Just Belong?

How do you boost employee sentiment? By satisfying each team member’s three personal needs: believing, becoming, and belonging. Lead the way and your organization will soar. By Dave Ulrich It was J.B. Ritchie, the professor who introduced me to organization behavior and subsequently became a lifelong mentor, who once told […]


6 Ways to Spot a Bad Leader in the Wild

Unfortunately, mediocre managers are everywhere—if you know where to look. By Robert Hogan, Ph.D., and Ryne Sherman, Ph.D. Leadership is one of the most intensively studied topics in the behavioral sciences—as it should be. When institutions have good leaders, the subordinates, employees, and staff members are engaged, and the organizations […]

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Stop the Productivity Skid

If your employees aren’t working as hard as they can, it’s your fault. Here are eight ways to change your ways—and unleash their full creativity and effort. By Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman If everyone at the office seems a little sluggish lately, you’re not going crazy. Industry trends suggest a troubling […]


The New Age of Leadership Development Starts Now

The world has changed. The way you grow your leaders must, too. Here’s your reinvention plan. By Wanda T. Wallace, Ph.D., and Steve Newman Two trends have collided in the past year that give us significant pause about how best to develop leaders. First, millennials increasingly have their sights set […]


Leadership Isn’t Philosophy. It’s Science.

If you want to build better talent at the top of your organization, you need to stop trusting your intuition and start trusting the data. By Robyn L. Garrett The mark of a good villain is they’re absolutely certain they’re right. They aren’t acting to make the world dark and […]

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3 Questions You Must Ask Before You Can Turn Around a Business

Your organization has seen better days, and if you want to return to profit and prosperity, you’ll need to implement a new strategic direction. Do you choose to accept? By Garrett Sheridan and Lei Tong Imagine this scenario: Your business was performing well over the past several years, but thanks […]


Is Your Team Tearing Itself Apart?

Many senior executives sabotage their success with poor communication and unnecessary competition. Here’s how to stop the chaos before it starts. By Wanda T. Wallace, Ph.D., and Peter Wright It isn’t easy being on a senior team. Members must grapple with market changes, digital competition, growth strategies, and global forces—not […]