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The Power Poser

Some psychologists have made waves in leadership circles for saying that striking a specific pose can make you feel more powerful. The only problem? Not a lick of the research checks out. By Marcus Crede Lean back, kick your feet up onto your desk, and put your hands behind your […]


The Great Feedback Debate: Register Today!

Does feedback do more harm than good? Or more good than harm? Let’s debate! Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall’s recent book Nine Lies About Work argues that they have “unimpeachable data” that feedback is unhelpful and “toxic.” Their claims have generated strong reactions among those who believe in the positive […]


Why Humble Leadership Will Win

Tomorrow’s bosses won’t be allergic to human connection. Instead, they see openness and trust as the keys to growth and success.  By Edgar H. Schein and Peter A. Schein When you think about great leaders, what archetypes come to mind? Maybe you conjure up images of the tech visionary, the […]


Why You Need to Fire the Next 10 Percent

Canning the bottom 10 percent of your talent is a no-brainer. High-performing companies focus on those right above them—employees who’ve been on cruise control. By Marc Effron You need to fire 10 percent of your talent, and I’m not talking about the bottom 10 percent. Yes, you should can them […]


Yes, You Should Use Big Data. But Not the Kind You Think.

Your path to becoming a better leader starts with following this simple, data-driven process. By David M. Sluss, Ph.D. There’s a big trend in leadership today. Top leaders are embracing big data and all things digital as the new way to connect with customers and stakeholders. Amazon seemingly knows what we want […]


7 Crucial Hiring Traits You’re Completely Ignoring

Shun them at your organization’s peril. By Gabriel Fairman As a society, we should have mastered the art of hiring long ago, but we’re still trying to figure it out. At least know that it’s basically a question of belongingness: Does the candidate belong in that role, and in that […]


Do You Really Know Your People?

Understanding the ins and outs of personality psychology could be the key to unlocking success up and down your organization. By Robert Hogan, Ph.D., and Ryne A. Sherman People are the deadliest invasive species in the history of Earth. They have the potential to kill every living thing, and in […]

Talent B.S.

Where Are the Agile Leaders?

In a constantly evolving corporate world, we need agile learners in leadership positions more than ever. Problem is, we have no idea how to identify them. By W. Warner Burke, Ph.D.  Agility is having a moment. There are agile individuals, who are flexible and quick to try new behaviors. There […]


Welcome to the 2019 Global Human Resources Census!

Help us help you! The HR profession is evolving rapidly. The 2019 Global Human Resources Census survey will provide a comprehensive understanding of who we are, our capabilities, and how we work. We’ll share the results freely with the HR community. Take the survey now!


Who Becomes an HR Leader?

We looked at the personalities of more than 1,000 HR executives to see how they stack up against other workers around the world. Here’s what we found. By Ryne A. Sherman, Ph.D., and Matthew R. Lemming The primary task of human resources has historically been to handle employee benefits and […]