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5 Instant Feedback Fixes That Will Make You a Better Leader

Sharpen your performance review skills with these super simple strategies. By Liliana Chitnis Of all the tactics that great leaders take, sharing feedback is perhaps the most crucial for the continued growth of any organization.  Passing on positive criticism to employees can improve their productivity and performance, as well as […]


Everything You’ll Read About Feedback in This Story Is Wrong

Rehashing old research and telling lies might sell some books, but these losing strategies don’t help HR partners or the people we serve at all. By Steve Hunt, Ph.D. It frustrates me when things are presented as truths when they’re really opinions (at best) or self-serving fabrications (at worst). That’s […]


Welcome to the Hybrid Workplace. Now Adapt.

In a post-pandemic working world, your company’s culture will be the first thing to crumble. Saving it starts with rethinking your role as a leader. By Dave Gloss Leading the transition to a hybrid workplace can feel like a gymnast attempting a difficult vault. The potential reward is huge: For […]


The Place Makes the People

As fresh-faced hires become seasoned vets, their on-the-job skills aren’t the only things that change. So do their personalities. By Peter D. Harms, Ph.D.  “The people make the place.” Anyone in human resources has heard the expression. In fact, you’ve probably said it a few hundred times yourself. The basic […]


Is Your Board Bored?

Your board of directors holds your organization’s future in its hands—but its members may be too dysfunctional to make effective decisions. The path to rebuilding starts here. By Adrian Furnham, Ph.D. No one can deny that an organization’s product, processes, competitive advantage, and recent history greatly influence its fate. Ditto […]


Struggling to Recruit Great Employees? Maybe You’re the Problem

You have too many filters blocking great employees from breaking into your organization. It’s time for some maintenance and repair. By Beverly Kaye, Connie Bentley, and Linda Rogers By 2030, the global worker shortage could reach 85.2 million people. In the U.S. alone, in the one-month period from June to July […]


Yes, You Should Use Big Data. But Not the Kind You Think.

Your path to becoming a better leader starts with following this simple, data-driven process. By David M. Sluss, Ph.D. There’s a big trend in leadership today. Top leaders are embracing big data and all things digital as the new way to connect with customers and stakeholders. Amazon seemingly knows what we want […]


Why Can’t Anyone Find a Good CEO?

Leadership gurus can’t agree on what makes a great c-level executive. But they don’t have the data—and we do. Keep reading, board members. By Steven N. Kaplan, Ph.D., and Morten Sorensen, Ph.D. When you boil it down, boards only have one job: Pick a new CEO. The problem? They don’t […]


Why Humble Leadership Will Win

Tomorrow’s bosses won’t be allergic to human connection. Instead, they see openness and trust as the keys to growth and success.  By Edgar H. Schein and Peter A. Schein When you think about great leaders, what archetypes come to mind? Maybe you conjure up images of the tech visionary, the […]


Hey HR, Quit Playing Games

Any company that uses reaction time tests to make personnel decisions is fooling itself. These game-like measures simply don’t measure much at all. By Ryne Sherman, Ph.D. You might see this article as an attack on your business practice. Maybe you’ll even find it an affront to your livelihood. I […]