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Why Can’t Anyone Find a Good CEO?

Leadership gurus can’t agree on what makes a great c-level executive. But they don’t have the data—and we do. Keep reading, board members. By Steven N. Kaplan, Ph.D., and Morten Sorensen, Ph.D. When you boil it down, boards only have one job: Pick a new CEO. The problem? They don’t […]


Why Humble Leadership Will Win

Tomorrow’s bosses won’t be allergic to human connection. Instead, they see openness and trust as the keys to growth and success.  By Edgar H. Schein and Peter A. Schein When you think about great leaders, what archetypes come to mind? Maybe you conjure up images of the tech visionary, the […]


Hey HR, Quit Playing Games

Any company that uses reaction time tests to make personnel decisions is fooling itself. These game-like measures simply don’t measure much at all. By Ryne Sherman, Ph.D. You might see this article as an attack on your business practice. Maybe you’ll even find it an affront to your livelihood. I […]


Why You Need to Fire the Next 10 Percent

Canning the bottom 10 percent of your talent is a no-brainer. High-performing companies focus on those right above them—employees who’ve been on cruise control. By Marc Effron You need to fire 10 percent of your talent, and I’m not talking about the bottom 10 percent. Yes, you should can them […]


Let the Great Comeback Begin!

So, your employees are ready to return to the office. Here’s what to expect when they reconnect after working at home for almost two years. By Beverly Kaye, Ph.D. As the working world slowly inches back to post-COVID normalcy, many employees are asking themselves this question right now: “Should I jump […]


Do You Really Know Your People?

Understanding the ins and outs of personality psychology could be the key to unlocking success up and down your organization. By Robert Hogan, Ph.D., and Ryne A. Sherman People are the deadliest invasive species in the history of Earth. They have the potential to kill every living thing, and in […]


7 Crucial Hiring Traits You’re Completely Ignoring

Shun them at your organization’s peril. By Gabriel Fairman As a society, we should have mastered the art of hiring long ago, but we’re still trying to figure it out. At least know that it’s basically a question of belongingness: Does the candidate belong in that role, and in that […]


The Big Five Personality-Trait Mistakes

Many organizations rely on personality measures for selection and training. The problem? Not all measures are rooted in research. By Peter D. Harms, Ph.D., and Bradley J. Brummel, Ph.D. In 2002, Sara Rynes asked 959 human resources professionals 35 true-and-false questions concerning HR issues, with considerable research support for the […]


How to Tame the Talent Marketplace

Before you dive head-first into HR tech’s hottest trend, here are nine truths you need to know. By Allan H. Church, Ph.D., and Natalie Cori, M.A. If you’re reading this article, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a “talent marketplace,” or you’ve at least heard other people use the […]

Talent B.S.

The Curious (And Completely Flawed) Case of the Positivity Ratio

So-called experts are peddling a magical mathematical formula that determines your happiness and success at work. Here’s the problem: This author has thoroughly debunked it. By Nick Brown In the late 1990s, researchers hung out in a specially equipped lab and observed the verbal behaviors of employees at computer company […]