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8 Retention Skills Every Manager Needs

Being nice goes a long way toward convincing your employees to stay—but not nearly long enough, the authors’ research shows. By Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman You’ve probably heard the cliché that people don’t quit their organization—they quit their boss. Of course, clichés become widespread for a reason. The boss […]

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How to Lead Someone Who’s Been Through a Lot

Welcome to the era of trauma-based leadership. Are you ready to help your people heal? By Robyn L Garrett Many people struggle with the word trauma. Even if they’ve been through an extreme situation, they often won’t internally recognize exactly how traumatic it’s been. This is one of the many ways […]


3 Major Reasons Why Teams Fail

If you recognize even one of these behaviors, there’s a big problem with your business. But it’s not too late to solve it. By Tatem Burns and Aaron Sorensen, Ph.D. As work continues to be an increasingly collaborative endeavor, effective teams can be an incredible asset to building a competitive […]


Can You Catch Success?

Research shows you’re more influenced by your boss and your peers than you think—for better and worse. By Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman Most kids copy their friends. When parents see their children chasing rowdy tykes on the playground, they’re bound to sit down and talk with the youngsters about […]


A Good Team Is Hard to Find

High-performing teams will absolutely drive business results. Seen one recently? We haven’t either. Here’s why—and how you can apply science to build teams that work. By Darren Overfield and Rob Kaiser Most business problems are far too complex for any one person to solve alone. You can spend your time […]

Raising an Inovator

How to Raise an Innovator: Your 3-Step Plan

We all want more risk-takers on our teams. But are you willing to provide the emotional support they need to succeed? By Michael T. Mitchell, Ph.D. Leading an organization is a bit like captaining a ship: You set the destination, give orders to the crew who work together to carry […]


4 Ways Your Resilience Works Against You

Grit can be great. It can also burn you out—and tank your team, too. By Derek Lusk and Jonathan Kirschner For years, leaders have contended with competition, complexity, chaos, and continual change. Over the past decade, however, both the scale and frequency of these challenges have steadily increased.  Now, as […]

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Bust Your Unconscious Biases—and Instantly Become a Better Leader

Want to create more trust in every corner of your organization? The strategy is simple: Start making more mindful choices. By Kenneth M. Nowack, Ph.D., and Paul J. Zak, Ph.D. We are, by our very nature, social creatures who are biased to feel greater safety with others most like us. […]


6 Levers of Highly Successful Talent Managers

These leadership qualities are proven to lift people—and results. By Marc Effron and Jim Shanley Why do some companies seem to have all the talent? How do they build better talent faster than other organizations? Despite years of effort and billions of dollars invested, most companies today still struggle to […]


Demanding Leadership Has Its Downsides. It Also Just Saved the World

Pfizer’s remarkable, record-breaking development of a COVID-19 vaccine is the result of ingenuity, agility, and a relentless boss who wasn’t afraid to buck trends. By Rob Kaiser The year 2020, a time of devastating and unprecedented disruption, will close with another astounding game changer. But in a welcome surprise, this […]