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Talent B.S.

Your Leader’s Strengths May Be Your Company’s Weaknesses

Strengths-based development is a fine strategy for athletes and technical professionals. For leaders? Not so much. Here’s the better way to develop tomorrow’s talent. By Rob Kaiser, M.S. When Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton first introduced the concept of strengths-based development in their 2001 book, Now, Discover Your Strengths, they unleashed […]


Sorry Guys, Women Are More Effective Leaders

The authors evaluated 25,000 managers and reached a definitive conclusion: Women are more effective leaders than men. By Joe Folkman, Ph.D., Joyce Palevitz, and Jack Zenger, Ph.D. Much has been written about the glass ceiling that appears to limit how high women can go in large organizations. More women enter […]

Talent B.S.

True Grit? Try Again

The concept of grit is hot in HR circles. Too bad it’s not real. By Ryne Sherman, Ph.D.  Grit is a popular word among sports writers. When an undersized, lead-footed infielder turns a dazzling double play despite his athletic limitations, baseball scribes say that player exhibits grit.  The truth? It’s […]


How to Lead Under Pressure: 4 Foundations You Need

Maintaining your composure and keeping your team moving forward requires four sturdy building blocks. Here’s how to forge them. By Rob McKenna, Ph.D. If you were better at dealing with pressure and maintained your capacity to communicate with others clearly while staying true to yourself, how would that change affect […]


4 Biggest Myths About Female Leaders

If you think you understand why women are underrepresented in leadership, think again. By Derek Lusk, Ph.D., and Jackie VanBroekhoven Sahm You’ve read the articles, heard the popular explanations, and can rattle off the talking points: women are different, women are less capable, women are less interested, it’s the damn […]


The Surprising Reason Women Aren’t on Top

The research is clear: Unconscious bias isn’t holding women back. The smoking gun is the career path they took. By Rob Kaiser and Wanda T. Wallace, Ph.D. Diversifying the c-suite with more women is a top priority for many companies. But after 30-plus years chipping away at the glass ceiling, […]


It’s Time to Stop Training Managers to Give Feedback

Instead, teach your employees how to seek it. By Jeanine Prime, Ph.D., and Brian Kropp Here’s a dispiriting stat: Only 38 percent of HR leaders believe their performance management (PM) systems are keeping up with the pace of business, according to Gartner’s 2019 Performance Management Benchmarking Survey. Sound familiar? Those same leaders […]


80% of Power Is Taking It

The corporate world isn’t a just and fair place for female talent. It’s time for women to accept that the system is rigged—and learn to beat it. By Jeffrey Pfeffer, Ph.D. Women remain substantially underrepresented in partner positions at law firms, c-suites at large companies, and top positions in academia.  […]


7 Ways Bosses Can Accelerate New-Hire Onboarding

The faster you integrate a new team member, the sooner you’ll reap big rewards. Here’s your new plan. By Michael Watkins, Ph.D. No one has a bigger impact on a new employee’s success than the boss who hired him. Only the boss understands what the new hire needs to accomplish. […]


You’re a Great Leader. Now Change!

Good leaders can become great bosses, too—if they make these three pivots. By Dave Ulrich We know a lot about leaders and leadership: why they matter (to increase stakeholder value), who they are (personal characteristics that foreshadow success or failure), what they know and do (leadership actions and competencies), and […]