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Executive Team Dysfunction, Defeated

Top teams can topple from the weight of too many leaders. Use this model to keep all your best executives in the same room—and actually get them to work together. By Raphael Prager, Ph.D., and Allan Church, Ph.D. Everyone knows an executive leadership team (ELT) is critical to the success […]


Nonsense Is the New Normal

There’s a good chance your organization is a little crazy. But if you bust through the B.S., you can focus on the things that matter—and become a better leader. By George Binney, Philip Glanfield, and Gerhard Wilke The business world is often hailed as a paragon of efficiency and entrepreneurial […]


It’s Time to Look for Leaders in All the Wrong Places

Want to keep employees happy and P&Ls healthy for decades to come? Then out with old thinking: test scores. And in with new: battle-tested. By Seymour Adler, Ph.D. Alice Jones was raised by a single father in a fishing village in Maine. Her mother died when Alice was just 4 […]