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How Performance Reviews Create Awful Bosses

Managers don’t set out to treat employees poorly. The misguided culture at most corporations forces them to do it. By Samuel A. Culbert, Ph.D. My MBA students have a funny way of pointing me out to their friends. “When it comes to bullshit,” they say, “that professor wrote the book.”  […]


8 Simple Rituals That Build a Stronger Culture

How can you shape the right priorities and behaviors in your organization’s ecosystem? By setting the example—starting here. By Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich You already know your organization needs a strong culture to function at its best. But you also need people to put the right rituals in place […]

Talent B.S.

4 Myths About Employee Happiness

Forcing happiness into your office culture is a sad excuse for a strategy. Here’s why—and what truly matters. By Lewis Garrad These days, spotting a smile around the office is as rare as catching a grin at the DMV. A Gallup report finds that only 3 out of 10 U.S. […]

Talent B.S.

True Grit? Try Again

The concept of grit is hot in HR circles. Too bad it’s not real. By Ryne Sherman, Ph.D.  Grit is a popular word among sports writers. When an undersized, lead-footed infielder turns a dazzling double play despite his athletic limitations, baseball scribes say that player exhibits grit.  The truth? It’s […]