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New Ways to listen

The New Way to Listen to Employees

In a world of analytics, workplace surveys are going extinct. If you really want to learn about the people in your organization, you’ll need to start monitoring them—with their permission.  By Brian Kropp, Ph.D. For as long as you’ve been tasked with learning about your employees, you’ve undoubtedly used large-scale […]


The Feedback Fallacy

Most managers only like giving good feedback. But if you really want to break through to your employees and build a culture that lasts, it’s time to go negative. By Angela Lane and Sergey Gorbatov “Can I give you some feedback?” is one of the most loaded questions in our […]


How Trust Trickles Down the Corporate Ladder

Trust is a must in the workplace. Where does it begin? You might be surprised. By Ashley Keating Employees have to trust their managers, and vice versa. A good relationship between both parties boosts organizational commitment, performance, and cooperative behaviors. But building that bond doesn’t begin with the boss—it starts […]


The Right and Wrong Way to Give Suggestions

Beware: The kind of note you put in the suggestion box could be holding you back. By Ashley Keating Employee suggestions keep a workplace churning—but some ideas stick more than others, finds a new study in the Journal of Applied Psychology. In fact, one type of tip could totally backfire. Suggestions […]

Talent B.S.

Do You Need a Killer Instinct?

Some research says psychopaths make great CEOs—and the heartless exec in the corner office agrees. But a deeper dive into the science suggests you shouldn’t rip out your ticker just yet. By Peter D. Harms, Ph.D., and Karen Landay Are you on the psycho path to success? Although we wish […]

Ideas, The TalentQ Interview

Recruitment and Retention: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Two pioneers from opposite HR sectors reveal why joining forces is the key to solving several talent crises. Interview By Eileen McDargh Trying to make sense of the influence of AI, robotics, and rapidly changing technologies on your employee population? How can you keep your solid 80 percent base engaged […]

Talent B.S.

Emotional Intelligence Is (Not Quite) Total B.S.

You may think of EQ as a fad, and you’d be right. But before you dismiss it outright, consider the latest evidence. By Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Ph.D. We all remember when we first heard about EQ. (Just me?) I’d arrived in London from Buenos Aires to embark on my Ph.D. studies […]

Talent B.S.

Game On or Game Over?

More organizations are adopting gamification as a tool to assess talent, but experts wonder whether the fad has the legs to level up. By Reece Akhtar, Ph.D., Dave Winsborough & Uri Ort No job in the world provides nonstop intellectual stimulation. Even Elon Musk would tell you that rerouting the […]


8 Simple Rituals That Build a Stronger Culture

How can you shape the right priorities and behaviors in your organization’s ecosystem? By setting the example—starting here. By Arthur Yeung and Dave Ulrich You already know your organization needs a strong culture to function at its best. But you also need people to put the right rituals in place […]

Talent B.S.

4 Myths About Employee Happiness

Forcing happiness into your office culture is a sad excuse for a strategy. Here’s why—and what truly matters. By Lewis Garrad These days, spotting a smile around the office is as rare as catching a grin at the DMV. A Gallup report finds that only 3 out of 10 U.S. […]