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How to Be a High Performer

8 scientific steps for landing the promotion—and creating the future—you deserve. By Marc Effron Some people begin their careers with a clear performance advantage. They may be smarter than you, come from a better socioeconomic background, be physically attractive, or have helpful personality characteristics. Each of those factors is scientifically […]


Where Has All the Feedback Gone?

As organizations must tackle more hot-button social issues every day, leaders are at greater risk than ever of saying too little. This is a problem, because feedback has never mattered more. By Angela Lane and Sergey Gorbatov Today’s business environment grows more complex by the minute. Blame it on the […]


#MeToo = #ListenNow

In an increasingly divisive American workplace, understanding employee sentiment has never been more critical to productivity and shareholder value. Do you have the resources to hear what your people are saying? By Kevin Oakes Americans are more divided than ever—and so are our workplaces. While this began in earnest with […]


The Retention Champions

The race to keep your brightest employees is as cutthroat as ever. It’s up to some hidden organizational heroes to help seal the deal. By Beverly Kaye, Ph.D., and Lindy Williams No matter how many long hours and sleepless nights you’ve devoted to carefully wording questions, ensuring distribution schedules are […]


Why Great Employees Quit (and What You Can Do About It)

We don’t put enough effort into finding out why good people leave. Here’s why we really ought to. By Kevin Oakes This past January, Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, unexpectedly announced his resignation a full 3.5 years before his second five-year term was set to expire. Kim’s […]


How to Lose People the Right Way

Attrition is bound to happen. But if you follow the right retention strategy, you’ll form lasting relationships with employees long after they leave. By Niko Canner and Shanti Nayak Of all the talent systems we’ve developed over the years, the most powerful one was a remarkably easy approach we established […]


The Algorithm in the Corner Office

Are leaders in danger of losing their jobs to automation? Don’t look now, but robots are rapidly learning how to become better bosses. By Peter D. Harms, Ph.D. The videogame 7 Billion Humans begins with the premise that all jobs will someday be performed by robots. The result is a […]


5 Things All Great Leadership Teams Must Do

Your company will soar if your executive group sticks to this list. Just ask one of the most successful banks in the world. By Doug Ready In 2015, I asked Dave McKay, the newly appointed CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada, a simple question: “What one thing do you […]


Nonsense Is the New Normal

There’s a good chance your organization is a little crazy. But if you bust through the B.S., you can focus on the things that matter—and become a better leader. By George Binney, Philip Glanfield, and Gerhard Wilke The business world is often hailed as a paragon of efficiency and entrepreneurial […]