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How to Be a High Performer

8 scientific steps for landing the promotion—and creating the future—you deserve. By Marc Effron Some people begin their careers with a clear performance advantage. They may be smarter than you, come from a better socioeconomic background, be physically attractive, or have helpful personality characteristics. Each of those factors is scientifically […]


Where Does Talent Play in the Transformation Game?

Massive organizational change requires agility, business acumen, and complex problem-solving. Now is not the time for your talent management team to be complacent. By Aaron Sorensen, Ph.D. The volatility of today’s business environment is unprecedented. Beyond COVID-19 and the resulting corporate headwinds, new technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and digitization […]

Collapsed Building

Your Change Management Survival Guide

The COVID-19 crisis is yet another reminder that the future is uncertain, and no company is immune to major struggles. So why are so many organizations still ill-equipped to handle sudden change? By Peter Wright  There’s an old adage that applies to both the military and the emergency services: Plan […]

Diva Behavior

How to Deflate a Diva

Creative people are often the biggest rule-breakers. Why? Perhaps because we’re managing them all wrong. By Ashley Keating Creativity is a rare, highly sought talent—so much so that leaders often look the other way when their most creative people go full diva.  Bad idea. According to a recent study in […]

Increase in Female CHRO

CHRO Trends Report: It’s the Year of the Female

A new survey documents the changing face of human resources. By the Editors of TalentQ There were fewer female CEOs leading Fortune 200 companies in 2019, but human resources continued to see an insurgence.  Last year, 78 percent of new chief human resource offers (CHROs) were female, according to CHRO […]

Angry Motivation

The Worst Way to Motivate

There’s a fine line between accountability and abuse. Here’s where to find it. By Ashley Keating I like when my fitness instructor shouts “Go harder! Go faster!” But that doesn’t mean supervisors should start doing it. This approach to motivation can easily backfire and make employees sloppy, according to a […]

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey See, Monkey Blow Off the Afternoon Meeting

Your employees are watching you—especially for cues about balancing work and life. By Ashley Keating Everyone has been the new kid at some point—looking to your new teammates for hints about your new norms. Those looks turn into stares around 5 pm. A new study in the International Journal of Stress […]

COVID Lessons

5 Things COVID-19 Has Taught Talent Leaders About Crisis Management

Real organizations reveal how to stay resilient amid unprecedented change. Steal their strategies to emerge stronger than ever. By Aaron Sorensen  One of the silver linings of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has been the opportunity to reconnect with former clients and colleagues to learn about how their businesses are adapting, […]

Rabbit or the Rebel

Do You Work for a Rebel or a Rabbit?

Silly question? Hardly. Knowing the answer may help you hire, motivate, and retain top talent. By Ashley Keating Children use anthropomorphism to make sense of the world. The wind is angry. The doll is talking. The cat is judging. (Actually, the latter might be true.) Adults, it turns out, do […]