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Monkey See, Monkey Do

Monkey See, Monkey Blow Off the Afternoon Meeting

Your employees are watching you—especially for cues about balancing work and life. By Ashley Keating Everyone has been the new kid at some point—looking to your new teammates for hints about your new norms. Those looks turn into stares around 5 pm. A new study in the International Journal of Stress […]

COVID Lessons

5 Things COVID-19 Has Taught Talent Leaders About Crisis Management

Real organizations reveal how to stay resilient amid unprecedented change. Steal their strategies to emerge stronger than ever. By Aaron Sorensen  One of the silver linings of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has been the opportunity to reconnect with former clients and colleagues to learn about how their businesses are adapting, […]

Rabbit or the Rebel

Do You Work for a Rebel or a Rabbit?

Silly question? Hardly. Knowing the answer may help you hire, motivate, and retain top talent. By Ashley Keating Children use anthropomorphism to make sense of the world. The wind is angry. The doll is talking. The cat is judging. (Actually, the latter might be true.) Adults, it turns out, do […]


The Right Way to M&A

During times of uncertainty, high-performing employees are often tempted to jump ship. Here’s how to make sure it doesn’t happen. By Ashley Keating If you’ve ever been part of a merger or acquisition, you know it’s an uncomfortable place to be—and that there’s a high risk of losing good employees […]

COVID-19 Zoom

COVID-19: It’s Time for Talent Management to Step Up

Crises bring out the best in leaders. But they can’t do their job if you won’t do yours. By Dale S. Rose, Ph.D. There’s no greater test of leadership than a crisis.  In the wake of the world-shattering COVID-19 pandemic, we’re reminded just how much good leadership matters. That’s because […]


Strategic Failure Is Not an Option

If there’s one thing COVID-19 has made clear, it’s this: Your future can completely transform in a minute. To keep up, you’ll need to build this critical competency. By Lisa D. Danels and Christian Neubert Is your organization skidding toward irrelevancy? Before you shout a resounding “no way,” consider the […]


Great Change Leaders Have Two Faces

They’re skilled in both pushing and pulling. Here’s how to adopt each approach.  By Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman What’s the difference between leadership and management? This isn’t a set up to a lame joke you’d tell at the office holiday party, but rather, a serious question that management scholars […]


Teams: HR’s Great Missed Opportunity

The success of your organization depends on the effectiveness of your teams. But bad teams can’t get better if HR doesn’t step in. By Gordon Curphy, Ph.D., Michele Hartgrove, Emily Raulston, and Alexi Licata The business unit leadership team will be doing its annual strategic planning offsite in a few […]

Swiss Army Knife

Are You Built for Change?

In this uncertain time, one thing seems clear: How we do business—and manage talent—may never be the same. Here’s what change takes. By Adrian Furnham, Ph.D. Change hurts. And it only gets more painful with each passing year. That’s because your brain loses some of its ability to change as […]