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Change Today, Thrive Tomorrow

The author and his colleagues interviewed dozens of c-suite leaders to uncover the best way to build a sustainable organization. The answer: a mix between managing your present and creating your future. By Ashley Harshak Two years ago, we decided to start talking to our clients. I mean, really talking […]


Why Great Employees Quit (and What You Can Do About It)

We don’t put enough effort into finding out why good people leave. Here’s why we really ought to. By Kevin Oakes This past January, Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, unexpectedly announced his resignation a full 3.5 years before his second five-year term was set to expire. Kim’s […]


How to Break Through to the Millennials Down the Hall

Hint: It’s not about you. It’s about them. By Ashley Keating Not all millennials are into themselves, but narcissism has risen 30 percent since the early 1980s, according to research in The Psychologist-Manager Journal. (Just sayin’.) When it comes to corralling the millennials in your office, you can use a little of their […]


Great Leaders Have Potty Mouths

Cursing like a sailor—strategically, of course—can rally your team. By TalentQ Editors A doctor swearing in front of a patient probably won’t fly, and neither will an attorney cussing in court. But in certain situations, workplace profanity could boost morale, suggests new research in the Journal of Managerial Psychology. While […]


Escape the Change Factory

There is no one-size-fits-all process to reshape a company. Here’s what transformation takes.  By Niko Canner Every great con starts from a hunger to believe. Think about what an extraordinary CEO does. She asserts that an organization will be something that it doesn’t yet know how to be, and then […]


How Trust Trickles Down the Corporate Ladder

Trust is a must in the workplace. Where does it begin? You might be surprised. By Ashley Keating Employees have to trust their managers, and vice versa. A good relationship between both parties boosts organizational commitment, performance, and cooperative behaviors. But building that bond doesn’t begin with the boss—it starts […]


Great Change Leaders Have Two Faces

They’re skilled in both pushing and pulling. Here’s how to adopt each approach.  By Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman What’s the difference between leadership and management? This isn’t a set up to a lame joke you’d tell at the office holiday party, but rather, a serious question that management scholars […]


Be an Email Whisperer In 2020

You’re spending a third of your workweek answering emails. Here’s the better way. By TalentQ Editors Incessant inbox monitoring is an obvious, giant time suck. A McKinsey analysis shows email takes up 28 percent of the average professional’s workweek. But email itself isn’t the problem—it’s how we use it that […]


The Right and Wrong Way to Give Suggestions

Beware: The kind of note you put in the suggestion box could be holding you back. By Ashley Keating Employee suggestions keep a workplace churning—but some ideas stick more than others, finds a new study in the Journal of Applied Psychology. In fact, one type of tip could totally backfire. Suggestions […]


It’s Time to Look for Leaders in All the Wrong Places

Want to keep employees happy and P&Ls healthy for decades to come? Then out with old thinking: test scores. And in with new: battle-tested. By Seymour Adler, Ph.D. Alice Jones was raised by a single father in a fishing village in Maine. Her mother died when Alice was just 4 […]