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Why Your Team Needs More Women

Organizations are more financially successful with females in leadership roles. And gender has (almost) nothing to do with it. By Beverly Crowell This is a woman’s world, but not every company has received the memo. Today, women make up the majority of the U.S. population and earn 60 percent of […]


Where Has All the Feedback Gone?

As organizations must tackle more hot-button social issues every day, leaders are at greater risk than ever of saying too little. This is a problem, because feedback has never mattered more. By Angela Lane and Sergey Gorbatov How’s this for an understatement: Today’s business environment grows more complex by the […]

More than a Number

You’re More Than a Number and Type

Whether you use growth mindset or enneagram to frame personality, neither tool paints the whole picture of a person’s development. By Rob McKenna, Ph.D.  Neither growth mindset nor enneagram is particularly new, but for whatever reason, both concepts are back in vogue. And while they share a common theme of […]


5 Things All Great Leadership Teams Must Do

Your company will soar if your executive group sticks to this list. Just ask one of the most successful banks in the world. By Doug Ready In 2015, I asked Dave McKay, the newly appointed CEO of the Royal Bank of Canada, a simple question: “What one thing do you […]

Hand off

The Right Way to Transfer Knowledge

Bridging the generational divide is good for the future of your business. By Ashley Keating When older employees retires, younger employees must step up. All too often, however, the next generation wants to do it their own way—or, at the very least, doesn’t appreciate the full value of the retiring […]


The New Rules of Performance Management

The workplace paradigm has shifted in an instant—and so must your methods for evaluating employees. Here’s where to start. By Susanna Mlot and Katie Hynan Over the years, performance management has evolved from the traditional—and often dreaded—annual event rooted in formal superficial ratings to more dynamic approaches, including more frequent […]


How to Be a High Performer

8 scientific steps for landing the promotion—and creating the future—you deserve. By Marc Effron Some people begin their careers with a clear performance advantage. They may be smarter than you, come from a better socioeconomic background, be physically attractive, or have helpful personality characteristics. Each of those factors is scientifically […]


Where Does Talent Play in the Transformation Game?

Massive organizational change requires agility, business acumen, and complex problem-solving. Now is not the time for your talent management team to be complacent. By Aaron Sorensen, Ph.D. The volatility of today’s business environment is unprecedented. Beyond COVID-19 and the resulting corporate headwinds, new technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, and digitization […]

Collapsed Building

Your Change Management Survival Guide

The COVID-19 crisis is yet another reminder that the future is uncertain, and no company is immune to major struggles. So why are so many organizations still ill-equipped to handle sudden change? By Peter Wright  There’s an old adage that applies to both the military and the emergency services: Plan […]