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Tangled power lines

Can Companies Perform Better Without Bosses?

It sounds like an indefensible position, but many are giving Holacracy a go. Here’s why. By Brian Robertson Every horrible boss has the same horrible traits: They wield power aggressively, suppress creativity, micromanage, and rule by intimidation. The really bad ones have inspired organizations to either restructure their hierarchies—like Morningstar, […]


7 Types of Bad Bosses—and What to Do About Them

These leaders won’t drive employee engagement, performance, or retention. They will drive everyone nuts. By Allan H. Church, Ph.D., and Rodney Warrenfeltz, Ph.D. It’s pretty much unavoidable: Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself working for a bad boss. From within the organization, they’re easy to recognize. The boss’s very talented direct reports […]


How Great Bosses Build Diverse Teams

A global market requires employees with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Here are nine ways to make a diverse workforce work for you. By Wanda T. Wallace, Ph.D. It’s easy to say great bosses build great teams. But what does it take to build a dream team that […]


A Good Woman Is Hard to Keep

Where has all your young female talent gone? To your competitors, for starters. Here’s why. By Wanda T. Wallace, Ph.D., and Annie Rodgers If you ever need to illustrate the glaring lack of female leadership at the top of organizations, any number of statistics can help you make your case. […]


Change Is Here. Now What?

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that change is inevitable and unpredictable. It’s what you choose to do with it that could shape the rest of your career. By Dave Ulrich Where would taxi drivers be without Uber? Hoteliers without Airbnb? Retailers without Amazon? Well, probably in a much […]


4 Ways Top Talent Is Destroying Your Teams

Hiring, training, and promoting the best people can backfire in the c-suite. It all begins with an errant “I.” By Gordon J. Curphy, Ph.D., and Dianne Nilsen, Ph.D. There’s a big paradox happening in the c-suite today. Thanks to research-based talent management, the highest-ranking executives tend to be smart, hard-working, […]


Employee Engagement: Now It’s Personal

Science says that half of an employee’s motivation is dictated by personality. So why are we all so hyper-focused on culture and leadership? By Lewis Garrad Have you ever found yourself in the middle of an engagement survey and wondered out loud, “What’s the point?” If so, you’re not alone.  […]


You’re Growing Your Organization All Wrong

Developing high-potentials isn’t a bad strategy for success—unless you do it at the expense of your other employees. It’s time to focus on leaders at all levels. By Jack Zenger and Joe Folkman Trees die from all kinds of causes. Sometimes lightning strikes, shatters its trunk, and sets it on […]


Team-Building: The Complete Instructions

This 14-step process could help your group achieve big goals. The best part? It won’t monopolize your schedule—or anyone else’s. By Marshall Goldsmith, Ph.D., and Howard Morgan Today’s leaders face a pesky predicament. As the pressing need to build effective teams in an environment of rapid change increases, the time […]