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What Is the Talent Ecosystem?

Business needs change all the time, but talent programs and processes don’t. If you want your organization to keep evolving—and your employees to stay—it’s time to adopt a more robust talent management approach. By Susanna Mlot and Aaron Sorensen, Ph.D. By now, we all know the tide has turned in the […]


You Can Lead Employees to Their Goals But …

When it comes to goal-setting, employees perform best when they have skin in the game. By Ashley Keating Everyone knows that loftier goals equal better results. The research even shows you should be raising the bar again and again. However, now there’s evidence that organizations shouldn’t set goals for employees […]


How to Lose People the Right Way

Attrition is bound to happen. But if you follow the right retention strategy, you’ll form lasting relationships with employees long after they leave. By Niko Canner and Shanti Nayak Of all the talent systems we’ve developed over the years, the most powerful one was a remarkably easy approach we established […]


The Future of Work: Why HR Should Lead

High-performing organizations have something in common: Human resources helps to guide strategic decisions. By John W. Boudreau, Ph.D., and Edward E. Lawler III, Ph.D. Does HR really make a difference when it comes to the future of work? How involved are HR leaders when making decisions about AI or robotics […]


5 Gender Balance Myths Most Men Still Believe

To balance our workplaces, we need to blow up these misconceptions. By Avivah Wittenberg-Cox For the past two decades, I’ve dedicated my career to working on gender issues. During the first decade, I led a professional women’s network and listened to thousands of women from across Europe. And in the […]


HR Will Love Artificial Intelligence—Until Leaders Hate It

AI, machine learning, and data analytics are about to profoundly change how we hire and manage talent. Are you ready? By Marc Effron The growing momentum of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data analytics offers HR the opportunity to make smarter, faster people decisions. AI can flag and eliminate […]


In Team We Trust

The authors have uncovered tried-and-true ways to build high psychological safety and trust cultures in workplace teams. The rewards? Growth, engagement, purpose, and performance. By Kenneth M. Nowack, Ph.D. and Paul J. Zak, Ph.D. Teams are increasingly commonplace in organizations, with leadership shifting away from a focus on individual results […]


Why the 4-Day Workweek Is a Terrible Idea

Experts say the COVID-19 pandemic will change the way we work forever. Here’s why it won’t. By Marc Effron Everyone is working at home. Thanks, coronavirus. And that has experts predicting that how we work is about to change forever. It won’t happen, and you only need to look at […]


Is Your Culture Too Nice?

“Nice” is necessary to success. But “too nice” is holding many businesses back. Here’s how to find the line so that you never cross it. By Marc Effron The CEO finishes her remarks at your annual shareholders meeting and mentally braces herself for the Q&A. It’s been a particularly tough […]