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Be an Email Whisperer In 2020

You’re spending a third of your workweek answering emails. Here’s the better way. By TalentQ Editors Incessant inbox monitoring is an obvious, giant time suck. A McKinsey analysis shows email takes up 28 percent of the average professional’s workweek. But email itself isn’t the problem—it’s how we use it that […]


The Right and Wrong Way to Give Suggestions

Beware: The kind of note you put in the suggestion box could be holding you back. By Ashley Keating Employee suggestions keep a workplace churning—but some ideas stick more than others, finds a new study in the Journal of Applied Psychology. In fact, one type of tip could totally backfire. Suggestions […]


It’s Time to Look for Leaders in All the Wrong Places

Want to keep employees happy and P&Ls healthy for decades to come? Then out with old thinking: test scores. And in with new: battle-tested. By Seymour Adler, Ph.D. Alice Jones was raised by a single father in a fishing village in Maine. Her mother died when Alice was just 4 […]


Executive Team Dysfunction, Defeated

Top teams can topple from the weight of too many leaders. Use this model to keep all your best executives in the same room—and actually get them to work together. By Raphael Prager, Ph.D., and Allan Church, Ph.D. Everyone knows an executive leadership team (ELT) is critical to the success […]


The Surprising Secret to Forming Winning Teams

When you mix all-stars with amateurs, everybody wins. By Ashley Keating Remember back in school when you were randomly paired with classmates to complete a group project? Some high performers picked up other students’ slack, leading to frustration. All these years later, the same dynamic exists in work groups, according […]

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Do You Need a Killer Instinct?

Some research says psychopaths make great CEOs—and the heartless exec in the corner office agrees. But a deeper dive into the science suggests you shouldn’t rip out your ticker just yet. By Peter D. Harms, Ph.D., and Karen Landay Are you on the psycho path to success? Although we wish […]


Perceived Organizational Support: A Metric that Matters

A higher POS can boost an employee’s performance, job satisfaction, self-competence, and happiness. By Ashley Keating It’s one thing to preach better employee engagement, but how can you tell if you’re actually hitting the mark? Meet perceived organizational support (POS), a metric that can tell you how much your employees think […]

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Recruitment and Retention: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

Two pioneers from opposite HR sectors reveal why joining forces is the key to solving several talent crises. Interview By Eileen McDargh Trying to make sense of the influence of AI, robotics, and rapidly changing technologies on your employee population? How can you keep your solid 80 percent base engaged […]

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Game On or Game Over?

More organizations are adopting gamification as a tool to assess talent, but experts wonder whether the fad has the legs to level up. By Reece Akhtar, Ph.D., Dave Winsborough & Uri Ort No job in the world provides nonstop intellectual stimulation. Even Elon Musk would tell you that rerouting the […]


Bad Bosses Suck, But a Boring Office Is Worse

Don’t underestimate the profound power of simple gestures. By Ashley Keating There’s an old saying: “Employees don’t leave organizations—they leave managers.”  But a bad boss alone doesn’t make a worker fly the coop: A lack of connection with coworkers can also lead to employee turnover, finds new research in the Journal […]